WordPress Services

WordPress the platform that has taken the industry to an new level. The tradition of static websites is long gone. Numerous sites have emerged fulfilling the specific requirements and each with some different perspective. Few of them include e-commerce, Q&A, portfolio, blogs, auction websites and so on. Even if templates fulfill 60-70% of your requirement, there are still 30-40% work left, right? And even slightest innovation counts on your business.

iVALTUS provide a variety of wordpress development services that fulfill your needs. Whether it is developing a site from ground-zero, migration of existing site to wordpress or a customizable plugin, we do the work for you. Let our highly skilled development and design team get to work for you!

SEO Friendly Website

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) isn’t simple. The formula to SEO is the million dollar question. There is a lot involved with On page, off page SEO and a lot more things ought to be done to drive the relative traffic to your site to generate web index results. Modules (plugins) in wordpress help with making the site SEO friendly.

Ease of Use
Customized easily
Easy Installation of add-on and plugins

Extremely user friendly
Blog is Built-in and Ready to Go
Search Engines Love WordPress Sites